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This page contains selected threading diagrams for some of the most commonly used
16mm and 35mm cameras.   For selected camera and magazine illustrations including some not
in the book, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Aaton      Arriflex       Moviecam       Panavision        other


Aaton A-Minima A-Minima Threading


Aaton XTR Prod Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Aaton 35 III Magazine



Aaton Penelope Magazine



Arriflex 416 Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Arriflex 16 SR2  Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Arriflex 16 SR3  Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Arriflex Arricam Lite Camera Threading Magazine


Arriflex Arricam Studio Camera Threading Magazine


Arriflex 235  Magazine


Arriflex 435 Camera Threading Magazine


Arriflex 535 Camera Threading Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Arriflex 35-BL Camera Threading Magazine - Feed Magazine - Take-Up


Arriflex 35-3   Camera Threading 400' Magazine 1000' Magazine


Moviecam Compact Camera Threading
Top Load
Camera Threading
Slant Load


Moviecam SL Camera Threading Magazine


Moviecam Super America

Camera Threading
Top Load
Camera Threading
Slant Load



Panaflex 16 Camera Threading Magazine


Panaflex Millennium Camera Threading Magazine


Panaflex  Platinum Camera Threading Magazine


Panaflex Gold & GII Camera Threading Magazine


Panastar Camera Threading Magazine


Other Camera & Magazine Threading Diagrams


Arriflex 2C Camera Threading Magazine Threading


Bell & Howell Eyemo Camera Threading


Leonetti Ultracam Camera Threading Magazine Threading


Panaflex X Camera Threading Magazine



Arriflex 16 BL Camera Threading
Single System
Camera Threading
Double System


Arriflex 16 S Camera Threading Magazine


Cinema Products CP-16 Camera Threading Magazine Threading


Eclair NPR Magazine Feed Magazine Take UP


K-3 Camera Threading


Forms, Checklists
& Labels
Camera Threading
Tables and
Cinematography Resources
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